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Planning a family coach holiday from Manchester

Over recent years, the popularity of holidaying in the UK, rather than going abroad, has increased dramatically. Staycations, as they are commonly known, have risen due to both the falling prices of staying with the UK to holiday, combined with the rising prices of transport and lodging overseas, along with increasing currency pressures and increasing concerns about safety abroad. However, one of the problems of staycations is the logistics – no one wants to be responsible for driving on holiday, and many people, especially parents going on family holidays, would rather do without the hassle. As such, coach travel is the perfect option for most travellers, offering an easy, affordable and reliable way of conducting a staycation without the added responsibility of driving.

Our experts at ABC Coach hire have listed some of the things you must consider before planning your family staycation from Manchester.

1. Where do you all want to go?

Pleasing everyone can be difficult, especially if you are having to incorporate the needs of young kids, grown-up children, childless couples and grandma and grandpa. However, the great thing about getting a coach from Manchester is that so many different places are easily accessible. The South Coast offers excellent beaches and sun, Scotland has stunning scenery, and Wales can be a great adventure for more active families. Discuss your ideal holidays and find a solution that works for everyone.

2. What dates suit everyone?

Just as important as the destination is picking the perfect date. It can be difficult to incorporate the various different schedules of working family members with those who rely on the school holidays to take a vacation, but the ease of coach travel is that it is extremely flexible and can be booked at a time to suit you. Choosing a start and end date of the holiday is the complicated part, once this is sorted, the rest of the holiday logistics should be easy.

3. Plan the family activities!

When the location and dates are sorted, all that is left to do is plan the actual holiday activities themselves! While you can choose many different activities to suit everyone’s needs, it is important to remember that a family holiday doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Incorporate some family time, but also leave slots for people to do their own thing, giving everyone the opportunity to make the most of their vacation, rest, relax and recharge their batteries.

At ABC Coach Hire, we pride ourselves on offering quality coach transport from Manchester for a whole range of activities, holidays and days out. For more information, please contact us at

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Luxury coach hire: the age-old, tried & tested commodity

An early start, an open road, and an entire day of adventure and possibility lie ahead. When it comes to taking a trip, not much can top the perks of travelling via luxury coach.

On this site we’ve discussed a fair number of benefits to coach and minibus hire when it comes to match days, airport transfers and special events like weddings and family occasions. But let’s take a moment to think about travelling by coach in holistic terms; it is the tried and tested way to travel en masse, before there were so many cars on the road and air travel became more available to the public. Some of the best perks that we sometimes don’t appreciate can be found in the smaller details.

But before we get into that, let’s start by remembering the Golden Age of coach travel.

Once upon a time, trains were the norm for intercity commute and travel to far-away holiday resorts. This was up until coaches, now a common sight on Britain’s motorways, challenged the travel market in the early twentieth century. Travelling by bus was both cheaper and more flexible than travelling by train, giving an opportunity for exploration and freedom to those who normally had not travelled further than the outskirts of their own towns or villages.

Some of this holds true today; coach hire is more convenient than travelling by rail because it can literally get you from door to door, and it’s still a cheaper alternative to long-distance train travel. But on top of that, travelling by coach has evolved into a mode of travel that offers both convenience and luxury. You can sit in a comfortable seat and watch a DVD while enjoying high-quality air conditioning; unlike the small pocket of air produced by aircon units found on many airlines, and you’d be hard pressed to enjoy a comparative level of comfort on a train.

Best of all, if the entertainment on board doesn’t tickle your fancy, you have a huge window. Again, it’s one of the smaller things, but you can look at the towering buildings in our historic cities and watch the beautiful British countryside roll past from the window, on the ground – where you have the best view.

These are just a few of the many reasons we are passionate about coach hire and pride ourselves on the services we offer! Wherever your travels take you this summer and beyond, if you fancy exploring Britain from the comfort of a luxury coach, get in touch with us at ABC Coach Hire.

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4 summer wedding venue ideas in the North West

Summer weddings can be as extravagant as you want them to be, and why not? It’s a day of celebration and the summer is the perfect time for a wedding. But travel can be a bit of an issue for some of the guests because the more extravagant the wedding, the more likely it’s going to be out of the way.

However, minibus hire in Manchester can take your guests to your wedding ceremony in style. With this in mind, here are four ideas for your perfect summer wedding:

1. West Tower, Ormskirk

A stunning, romantic getaway in the Lancashire countryside, the historic building was built in 1885, and it has beautiful dining space, a ballroom and gorgeous bedrooms for your guests to stay the night. The venue is perfect in the summer months as the sun will shine through the big windows in the ballroom, lighting up your big day.

2. Meols Hall, Southport

Meols Hall is a restored, 400 year old tithe barn surrounded by 100 acres of wooded parkland, and is excellent for a number of activities. The barn can host wedding ceremonies of up to 180 guests, or if there are more, then a marquee can be installed on the lawn.

3. Thornton Manor Estate, Birkenhead

Built in the 19th century, the Thornton Manor Estate holds four exciting venues to choose from. Dine in luxury and have a wonderful time in the stunning Georgian-inspired music room and stay in the stunning bedrooms or cottages.

4. Ashfield House, Wigan

With a unique, homely feel, this grand house is full of personality from the grand hallway to beautiful music rooms. Perfectly laid out for weddings with its beautiful ceremony rooms and 15 guest bedrooms, it’s sure to make your big day perfect.

Get to your summer wedding in luxury and style with our expert mini bus hire. Or for larger groups of people, our coach hire can take up to 57 people. With a professional driver, large luggage space and a professional hostess serving refreshments during your journey, we’ll ensure your wedding day is a day to remember.

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Three perks of travelling by coach to an away football match

Manchester is lucky to have two world-class soccer teams with City and United – and that’s without even mentioning clubs like Bolton and Wigan that are also on the doorstep! The question is: what can football fans do to support their team when they play away? Well, rather than suffer behind the wheel of a car or face the discomfort of busy public transport, you and your fellow fans can all hop on a coach and travel in style. Here are three perks of going down this route.


Football matches are generally joyous occasions – even when your team is losing! There’s singing, friendly banter and even lively debates during a typical 90-minute clash. This atmosphere doesn’t have to be contained to the ground either, but can start from the moment you step on a coach to an away game. With the vehicles accommodating up to 57 passengers, there’s always room for a great vibe in the space.


Who doesn’t enjoy a swift pint while watching their team clash with a rival squad? Unfortunately, you don’t quite have the freedom to drink up if you’re faced with driving home. In fact, you’ll probably still need your wits about you if you’re planning on catching a bus or train. Luckily, a coach is a whole different kettle of fish. You’re free to enjoy an alcoholic beverage both before and after the match because you won’t be driving.


It’s not always cheap to follow your favourite football club around the country. In fact, it can be rather pricey! Even when you can spare the cash for your ticket and all the other costs attached, it’s not always the case that your mates will be in the same boat. Thankfully coach hire is the affordable way to travel, making it cheaper for you and your mates to cheer on your team when they’re playing away.

Try it!

Next time your team are playing away, you should give some serious thought to hopping on a coach and watching them play. Just get in touch with ABC Coach Hire to find a vehicle that will accommodate you and your pals.

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Stag-do stress free with coach hiring

Getting a large number of people to and from one destination is never easy. When it comes to arranging a stag do, there is a lot of pressure and a lot to get right.

Regardless of whether you are heading out for a day of activities with the lads, or for a night on the town, or even catching a flight, hiring a coach to help you arrange a stag do is a must.

There are a number of reasons that coach hire could be the answer for your next stag.

1. It’s convenient

As we mentioned, it’s never easy to get a group of guys together for a night out or an event. By hiring a coach, you can make sure everyone gets on when they should and makes it to their destination on time. The last thing you want is the groom to be on time and the rest of the guys nowhere in sight!

2. Ditch the stress

Stag do’s can vary from a day out at paintball, to white water rafting and go-karting. The last thing you want is your car getting messy because someone forgot to bring spare shoes or left their muddy trousers on your back seat. With a coach, simply pop it in the storage and enjoy without having to worry about the state of your car!

3. Cost

Public transport may seem tempting, and a cheap option, but 20 of you paying for a rail fair or 4 taxis can quickly add up! Hiring a coach could just be less expensive than you think…

4. Safety

It’s no secret that a stag consists of the ‘occasional’ beverage. Rather than having a designated driver or relying on public transport, coach hire allows you to make sure that everyone is getting to and from the event safely. You really can’t put a price on that!

5. Comfort

Coaches are significantly more comfortable than other modes of transportation. Rather than being stuck in a car with a 6ft guy in the middle seat, sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of a coach. Modern coaches are air-conditioned, spacious and well maintained.

To inquire about minibus hire for a stag, or for any other social occasion, get in touch with our customer service team today.

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3 top school trips locations in the north west

Although summer is in full swing, it won’t be long before all the kids get back to school and it’ll be time to start planning another year’s worth of school trips. Whilst it can seem daunting, there are plenty of artistic, cultural, and historic sites that are must-visits for any class of children, at any age. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of some of the best locations to take your class in the North West area that are sure to be memorable and educational experiences.

1) Bamburgh Castle

If you’re thinking of a great historical site to take your class to see, then there is few better in the North West area than Bamburgh Castle. With a host of educational exhibits, guided tours, and live archaeological excavations to take in, there is plenty to delight children of all ages, and at all stages of their education.

2) Beacon Museum, Whitehaven

There are few locations in the North West better than the Beacon Museum if you’re looking to provide a mixture of art, culture, history, and STEM focussed learning for your class. With a range of exhibits focussed on Key Stage 1-3 learning, the Beacon Museum has recently introduced a purpose-built educational conference centre to truly stimulate the intellect and creativity of children of all ages. Moreover, with a focus on mixing artistic pursuits with STEM learning, there is a chance to impress the comprehensive nature of education on your class.

3) Beeston Castle

As a key fortress in the English Civil War, Beeston Castle is a must-visit location for any history class. Set in an extremely impressive landscape, Beeston has been a place of human habitation and fortification throughout British history and has the ability to wow children of all ages. There are plenty of hands-on learning activities for classes at various stages of the educational ladder, with specialised Discovery Visit tours and guides to help children truly immerse themselves in the history of the castle.

If you’re planning your class’ school trips for the next academic year, then contact us at ABC Coach Hire today to see how we can make your trip run much more efficiently, smoothly, and easily. Our fleet of luxury minibuses with friendly and experienced drivers will provide the best service for your children, helping to leave you to focus on providing the most memorable trip possible!

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4 reasons to hire a mini bus for a family day out this summer

The summer holidays have arrived and its time to plan family day trips! Whether your heading to the sea side, a theme park or a fun filled city, there is plenty to consider. Don’t let the journey be an unnecessary stress. Here are four reasons to hire a minibus for your family day out this summer.

1. Focus on the children – no distractions!

When driving, children in the back seat can be a big distraction. Whether it’s asking questions, fighting with siblings or asking the infamous “are we nearly there yet?” When you hire a minibus you can give your children your full attention without having to worry about concentrating on driving.

2. Stress free and relaxing

Tired after a long day out? Relax on the way home with no driving stress. Your minibus driver takes the stress out of your trip by safely taking you from A to B, in the comfort of a high-quality coach. You won’t have to worry about tiredness and can have a well deserved relax as you head back.

3. No parking worries

Don’t you just hate parking during the summer? The seaside spaces are all gone and the multi-stories are packed. With coach hire, those worries are gone. Your driver will drop you at a safe and convenient drop off point, and pick you up again at the end of your day. No worries, no stress and no extortionate parking fees. Perfect!

4. Save money

If you’re heading out in a large group of friends or family then coach hire can save you money. Rather than taking several cars, with combined fuels and parking costs taking up too much money, chip in for a coach instead. You get the fun of travelling together with the added bonus of saving money that can be put to better use on your trip.

If you’re planning a trip and are looking for minibus hire in Manchester ( then contact ABC Coach Hire today ( Our luxury fleet and experienced drivers mean you’ll get the very best service, for a family trip you’ll never forget.

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Beaches that you can reach from Manchester

Summer is in full swing, and what a summer it’s been so far! The sun is shining, and the UK is making the most of every moment of the warm weather. With the school summer holidays upon us too, you may be looking at family days out and trips from Manchester. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of beaches you can easily reach from Manchester. Take a look…

1. Blackpool

Blackpool is around an hour’s drive from Manchester, and promises a fantastic day out for the whole family. With a vast, sandy beach there’s endless amounts of free entertainment to be had. But with the roller coasters, arcades and famous attractions as well you can find plenty of unique and exciting ways to spend your day. Take selfies with celebs in Madame Tussauds or find your inner adrenaline junkie at the Pleasure Beach! The possibilities are endless for a day you’ll never forget.

2. Southport

Fancy something a little quieter? Then head up the M6 towards Southport. The sweeping golden sands are a sight to behold, making it the perfect spot for a day of sunbathing with a book or a splash in the sea. The quaint town offers a wonderful selection of cafes and gift shops, so you can also stroll through the pretty streets and grab a bite to eat. Don’t forget to pack a bucket and spade and a kite!

3. Morecambe

You may opt to go further afield, for a visit to picturesque Morecambe. The famous promenade is ideal for a scenic stroll and looks like a postcard picture all year round. There are plenty of traditional seaside treats available, including ice creams and fish and chips. Not only that, but there is the option to try watersports such as windsurfing too. You won’t fall short of family-friendly activities, and all the way the beautiful beach is just waiting to be explored.

If you’re planning a family visit to the beach this summer and want to take the stress and hassle out of driving and parking, consider mini bus hire. A mini bus is the perfect way to travel with the whole family!

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Why the coach is still the classic way to travel for your holidays

From cross-country trains to in-country flights, there are many different ways to get what you want to go – even if you’re not keen on getting behind the wheel yourself. But when it comes to the quintessential classic way to vacation, the coach is the first port of call for many holidaymakers, old and young. Here are just a few reasons why coach travel is a must for your next British holiday:

A slower pace of travel

In comparison to many other forms of travel, taking the coach offers a slower pace of travel, and encourages a more relaxed atmosphere. It can be tempting to rush through your holiday or speed on to the next thing, but being forced to slow down is something coach travel does best, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday more. A leisurely pace can sometimes be all you need for a serene and calm holiday, and a coach trip can provide that in spades.

Lost luggage? not on a coach

One of the stresses of travel for holidays is knowing what to do with your luggage – we’ve all heard the horror stories about lost suitcases on flights, as well as disappearing items on trains or other mass transit. With coach travel, your personal belongings are safely stored away in a dedicated space that can’t be accessed while you’re on the road, leaving you worry-free in the knowledge that all your holiday kit is kept secure.

Enjoy the journey

Holidaying in the UK is its own special reward, offering you a different perspective on the country in which you live. Opting for coach travel not only gives you the chance to witness the beautiful scenery and landscape our country has to offer; it also provides you with a driver and company who has expert knowledge of the best places to visit, where to stay and what to do. With a coach trip, you can truly enjoy the journey.

If you’re considering travelling by coach for your next holiday or hiring a coach service sounds like the perfect transport option for an upcoming event or educational trip, ABC Coach Hire has you covered, with coach hire and minibus hire available for your every transport need. Contact us today to book your journey.

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4 reasons to hire a mini bus for your airport transfer

It’s the best time of year; summer fun in the summer sun! Holiday season is well and truly upon us, and so it’s time to get planning. With all the excitement of booking flights and hotels it’s easy to forget one important thing; airport transfers. If you are travelling in with a large family, or as a group of friends, then minibus hire is a fantastic option that caters to everybody. Here are four reasons why!

1. Travel together
Start your group holiday the way it should be; together! By hiring a minibus you can ensure that your group all arrive at the airport at the same time, as well as experiencing the fun of travelling together as you share your pre-holiday excitement.

2. Save money
Hiring a minibus can save you money when it comes to airport transfers. By chipping in as a group you can keep the individual cost down, making it more cost-effective than using taxis or several cars. You’ll save on what could be multiple fuel costs, as well as eliminating the need to pay airport parking fees. That means more spending money for the things that really matter.

3. Comfortable and convenient
Minibuses are comfortable, and with the extra space you can transport your group, and all of your luggage, without being cramped. For those hot days, minibuses offer the luxury of air-conditioning, and some even have DVD players – perfect for families with young children.

4. Relaxing and stress-free
Many airport runs take place in the early hours of the morning, and by hiring a minibus you take away the stress of driving yourself. This way, your group can catch up on some sleep during the journey if needed. You also have the comfort of knowing you’ll be dropped off at the airport on time, and be picked up on your return. No hassle, no stress.

If you’re looking for minibus hire ( in Manchester, contact us today ( For the most luxurious and reliable minibus hire Manchester has to offer, we ensure you’ll travel in comfort and style, to really start your holiday on a high.

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