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4 corporate team building events in the North West

Companies rely on their staff. But employees are people too, so now and again team building days are essential for staff morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. Corporate away days and team building exercises involve fun physical activities for everyone to get involved with. You just need professional coach or minibus hire to get there.

1. Adventure North-West

Located in Preston, Adventure North-West allows companies to get their employees involved and out of their comfort zones. With activities such as climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, raft building, archery, and outdoor trails, it’s sure to bring a team together and enhance social relations.

2. Thornton Hall Hotel

Thornton Hall is located in the Wirral and is an excellent choice for effective team building. Employees will work together to solve problems while having fun, while feeling good about themselves having achieved something. There is catapult building, ice sculpting, cocktail making, and even chocolate making. There’s even duck herding and laser and clay pigeon shooting, too.

3. CCC Events

Located near the Peak District, CCC Events offer an array of corporate team building exercises. Teams work together to learn survival techniques while having fun and experiencing nature first hand. Or enjoy some of the indoor events, such as The Apprentices (based on the TV show), where teams work together on tasks, and then back to the boardroom to be ‘hired’ or ‘fired’, all in good fun.

4. Adlington Hall

Adlington Hall, located in Macclesfield, allows employees to work together and have fun in some challenging outdoor activities. Bear Grylls’ Survival Academy is all about overcoming adventurous scenarios to get everyone working together. With team bonding, resilience, leadership, and communication, this is sure to get employees motivated for Monday morning.

Most companies need to travel from their HQ to these events, so coach hire is essential. ABC Coach Hire, Manchester, will take you and your company to your next corporate away day in a fleet of Mercedes Benz coaches, which even provide refreshments on board. Or, for smaller groups, minibus hire may be the perfect choice. Get in touch with us today.

Inspirational Trips Ideas

The best educational days out

A school is a place for learning, innovation, and fun. But when you take the students outside the classroom, you give them an opportunity to learn more, engage more and put everything they’ve learned in school, into practice! We’ve put together some of the best places for an educational day out in the Manchester area.

1. Manchester Museum

A trip to Manchester Museum is perfect for students of all ages. They will discover more about science, history, and art. Students can step back in time to Ancient Egypt, see amphibians and reptiles from Costa Rica, come up close with a unique tiger, walk beneath the skeleton of a giant whale, and meet a life-size T-rex dinosaur. These are just a sample of the amazing experiences possible at Manchester Museum.

2. Beeston Castle

Create a wonderful history lesson by bringing your class to Beeston Castle to explore life in the medieval fortress or the site’s prehistoric past. Students can travel back in time searching for evidence in the remains of the castle or develop an understanding of the technologies and tools used by people in the Iron Age, Stone Age, and Bronze Age. The castle is located just 1.5 hours from Manchester which makes it the perfect spot for a day-trip.

3. TreeTop Manchester

Physical education can reach new heights with an exciting trip to TreeTop Manchester. Children can challenge themselves safely in the high trees, which provides a great way to build upon vital life skills such as overcoming fears, teamwork and having enormous amounts of fun. There are activities suitable for all Key stages, making it a perfect choice for everyone (teachers too!).

The best way to get your students from A to B on a school trip is with a coach or minibus. Choose ABC Coach Hire for your next school trip. We can accommodate you and your students. So, if you’re interested in coach hire in Manchester for your educational days out, then get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Inspirational Trips Ideas

Why hire a coach for your wedding?

So your big day is getting ever-closer. You’ve arranged the location, the food, the invites and even the dress. However, everyone knows that it is the guests that add to your day and make it even more special.

Guests (or dare we say it, the band) failing to show up can really put a dampener on things, but hiring a minibus can ease your mind about guests arriving on time for the big event.

Indeed there are many reasons that coach hire can take a weight off your mind when it comes to planning a wedding.

Everyone will arrive on time

For a start, although it may initially seem like a shuttle service isn’t needed, it could make a drastic difference for those with a significant distance to travel. Especially if there is a large number going from the same location.

If a number of family members or friends are coming, you can have peace of mind that they will all make it to the venue, together, and on time. Guests won’t need to make their own way there and you can relax after your big day knowing they all got home safe together. Plus, if you have a smaller venue, it can make a big difference for parking!

It’s cost-effective and reliable

As well as this, hiring a minibus can be cost-effective. With a personal minibus you’ll spend less getting everyone to the location, and if needed, it prevents you from having to book accommodation. With a full wedding to pay for, a minibus can go a long way to make a significant saving in the budget.

While you could argue that public transport or even a hotel shuttle could prove to be just as effective, services such as hotel shuttles tend to run on their own schedule and don’t offer a direct route to your location. Furthermore, the last thing you want is for guests to have to cut their night of celebrations short so they can make it home in time before the last service home. The last thing you want is guests waiting on a service that may not show. By having your own minibus, you can plan the exact route and timing, regardless of distance.

To enquire about hiring a minibus for a wedding, or for any other social occasion, get in touch with our customer service team today.

Inspirational Trips Ideas

Blackpool Pleasure Beach or Alton Towers… which is the better choice?

It’s that time of year again. Whether it is a school trip, a youth club day out or an extended family road trip… a day at a theme park is a great choice for a warm day out with plenty for everyone to enjoy. In the North West, we are always faced with the same dilemma… Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach? Which do you choose? Here’s our verdict.

The rides

Alton Towers has over 50 rides compared to Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 20 rides. It’s true that AT has some newer and faster rides with exceptional speeds to please thrill seekers but with that comes the inevitable longer queues for the more popular choices. BPB has some nostalgic favourites, like the Grand National and with Icon, their first double rollercoaster which has just opened, they also have some new rides to offer too.

The location

While Alton Towers is set in 500 acres of beautiful surroundings, the Pleasure Beach has the added advantage of being a theme park by the seaside. You only have to brave The Big One to see those views from 235ft. Both locations offer pleasant surroundings for non-riders to go off and enjoy while others go on those rides one more time!

Food and drink

In both BPB and AT there is a good assortment of shops, food outlets and vendors to choose from. You can also sit in the park area at AT with a picnic lunch or enjoy fish and chips after on the seafront at Blackpool with the Pleasure Beach.

The cost

Both BPB and AT have great offers if you book in advance or travel in a large group.

Which will you choose? Whether it is Alton Towers or the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool, we have got transport covered, with minibus and coach hire Manchester available to make your day out simple and stress-free. Don’t worry about waiting for a parking space, or having to walk back to the cars at the end of the day. Book with us at ABC Coach Hire Manchester and you can concentrate on what really matters – choosing which ride you’ll go on first!

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