It’s the best time of year; summer fun in the summer sun! Holiday season is well and truly upon us, and so it’s time to get planning. With all the excitement of booking flights and hotels it’s easy to forget one important thing; airport transfers. If you are travelling in with a large family, or as a group of friends, then minibus hire is a fantastic option that caters to everybody. Here are four reasons why!

1. Travel together
Start your group holiday the way it should be; together! By hiring a minibus you can ensure that your group all arrive at the airport at the same time, as well as experiencing the fun of travelling together as you share your pre-holiday excitement.

2. Save money
Hiring a minibus can save you money when it comes to airport transfers. By chipping in as a group you can keep the individual cost down, making it more cost-effective than using taxis or several cars. You’ll save on what could be multiple fuel costs, as well as eliminating the need to pay airport parking fees. That means more spending money for the things that really matter.

3. Comfortable and convenient
Minibuses are comfortable, and with the extra space you can transport your group, and all of your luggage, without being cramped. For those hot days, minibuses offer the luxury of air-conditioning, and some even have DVD players – perfect for families with young children.

4. Relaxing and stress-free
Many airport runs take place in the early hours of the morning, and by hiring a minibus you take away the stress of driving yourself. This way, your group can catch up on some sleep during the journey if needed. You also have the comfort of knowing you’ll be dropped off at the airport on time, and be picked up on your return. No hassle, no stress.

If you’re looking for minibus hire ( in Manchester, contact us today ( For the most luxurious and reliable minibus hire Manchester has to offer, we ensure you’ll travel in comfort and style, to really start your holiday on a high.