Tightened purse strings and the urge to find a simpler life have led to a huge increase in the concept of “staycations” in the UK. People are using their annual holidays and weekend breaks to revisit or explore Britain’s glorious countryside, coast and cities.

It saves money, hassle and provides the reassurance of things that are familiar and often nostalgic too.

How about taking that one step further, and getting your family, club, activity group or friendship circle, to enjoy a trip out by coach?

After all, this used to be a very important British tradition. Mill and factory workers would all have the same annual leave and would pile on traditional transport to all go on holiday together!

Remember the excitement from your school days, when you all raced on to the coach to fight it out for the back seat? And the thrill of being driven off for an educational day trip or a chance to let off steam in the open air?

The same, but better

Organising a group trip or holiday by minibus or coach could bring back some great memories and connect you to the past. However, you can now create that same fun atmosphere in a modern, luxury vehicle! They offer a lot more comfort than the “charabancs” of old.

Your family, friends or hobby group will be delighted to have the whole day out or a holiday break packaged up for them, being whisked away to their destination without the stress of driving themselves. And no unreliable trains to worry about either (particularly if you live in the North of England… need we say more).

Planning a minibus or coach break

The joys of travelling by coach hire are numerous, not least as you all get to travel together and the journey becomes part of the day out or holiday.

It’s why around five million people choose to take coach tours every year. According to the Coach Tourism Association, this creates £2.35 billion of annual revenue for the travel sector.

Just think of all the places you could go, as a group, with coach hire or minibus hire from Manchester? It doesn’t have to be just in Britain either – the continent awaits!

So if you fancy getting your family, friends or club members together for a day trip or break by coach or minibus – to make new memories from a traditional form of transport – give us a call today.