It’s that time of year again. Whether it is a school trip, a youth club day out or an extended family road trip… a day at a theme park is a great choice for a warm day out with plenty for everyone to enjoy. In the North West, we are always faced with the same dilemma… Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach? Which do you choose? Here’s our verdict.

The rides

Alton Towers has over 50 rides compared to Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 20 rides. It’s true that AT has some newer and faster rides with exceptional speeds to please thrill seekers but with that comes the inevitable longer queues for the more popular choices. BPB has some nostalgic favourites, like the Grand National and with Icon, their first double rollercoaster which has just opened, they also have some new rides to offer too.

The location

While Alton Towers is set in 500 acres of beautiful surroundings, the Pleasure Beach has the added advantage of being a theme park by the seaside. You only have to brave The Big One to see those views from 235ft. Both locations offer pleasant surroundings for non-riders to go off and enjoy while others go on those rides one more time!

Food and drink

In both BPB and AT there is a good assortment of shops, food outlets and vendors to choose from. You can also sit in the park area at AT with a picnic lunch or enjoy fish and chips after on the seafront at Blackpool with the Pleasure Beach.

The cost

Both BPB and AT have great offers if you book in advance or travel in a large group.

Which will you choose? Whether it is Alton Towers or the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool, we have got transport covered, with minibus and coach hire Manchester available to make your day out simple and stress-free. Don’t worry about waiting for a parking space, or having to walk back to the cars at the end of the day. Book with us at ABC Coach Hire Manchester and you can concentrate on what really matters – choosing which ride you’ll go on first!