Over recent years, the popularity of holidaying in the UK, rather than going abroad, has increased dramatically. Staycations, as they are commonly known, have risen due to both the falling prices of staying with the UK to holiday, combined with the rising prices of transport and lodging overseas, along with increasing currency pressures and increasing concerns about safety abroad. However, one of the problems of staycations is the logistics – no one wants to be responsible for driving on holiday, and many people, especially parents going on family holidays, would rather do without the hassle. As such, coach travel is the perfect option for most travellers, offering an easy, affordable and reliable way of conducting a staycation without the added responsibility of driving.

Our experts at ABC Coach hire have listed some of the things you must consider before planning your family staycation from Manchester.

1. Where do you all want to go?

Pleasing everyone can be difficult, especially if you are having to incorporate the needs of young kids, grown-up children, childless couples and grandma and grandpa. However, the great thing about getting a coach from Manchester is that so many different places are easily accessible. The South Coast offers excellent beaches and sun, Scotland has stunning scenery, and Wales can be a great adventure for more active families. Discuss your ideal holidays and find a solution that works for everyone.

2. What dates suit everyone?

Just as important as the destination is picking the perfect date. It can be difficult to incorporate the various different schedules of working family members with those who rely on the school holidays to take a vacation, but the ease of coach travel is that it is extremely flexible and can be booked at a time to suit you. Choosing a start and end date of the holiday is the complicated part, once this is sorted, the rest of the holiday logistics should be easy.

3. Plan the family activities!

When the location and dates are sorted, all that is left to do is plan the actual holiday activities themselves! While you can choose many different activities to suit everyone’s needs, it is important to remember that a family holiday doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Incorporate some family time, but also leave slots for people to do their own thing, giving everyone the opportunity to make the most of their vacation, rest, relax and recharge their batteries.

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