Getting a large number of people to and from one destination is never easy. When it comes to arranging a stag do, there is a lot of pressure and a lot to get right.

Regardless of whether you are heading out for a day of activities with the lads, or for a night on the town, or even catching a flight, hiring a coach to help you arrange a stag do is a must.

There are a number of reasons that coach hire could be the answer for your next stag.

1. It’s convenient

As we mentioned, it’s never easy to get a group of guys together for a night out or an event. By hiring a coach, you can make sure everyone gets on when they should and makes it to their destination on time. The last thing you want is the groom to be on time and the rest of the guys nowhere in sight!

2. Ditch the stress

Stag do’s can vary from a day out at paintball, to white water rafting and go-karting. The last thing you want is your car getting messy because someone forgot to bring spare shoes or left their muddy trousers on your back seat. With a coach, simply pop it in the storage and enjoy without having to worry about the state of your car!

3. Cost

Public transport may seem tempting, and a cheap option, but 20 of you paying for a rail fair or 4 taxis can quickly add up! Hiring a coach could just be less expensive than you think…

4. Safety

It’s no secret that a stag consists of the ‘occasional’ beverage. Rather than having a designated driver or relying on public transport, coach hire allows you to make sure that everyone is getting to and from the event safely. You really can’t put a price on that!

5. Comfort

Coaches are significantly more comfortable than other modes of transportation. Rather than being stuck in a car with a 6ft guy in the middle seat, sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of a coach. Modern coaches are air-conditioned, spacious and well maintained.

To inquire about minibus hire for a stag, or for any other social occasion, get in touch with our customer service team today.