Manchester is lucky to have two world-class soccer teams with City and United – and that’s without even mentioning clubs like Bolton and Wigan that are also on the doorstep! The question is: what can football fans do to support their team when they play away? Well, rather than suffer behind the wheel of a car or face the discomfort of busy public transport, you and your fellow fans can all hop on a coach and travel in style. Here are three perks of going down this route.


Football matches are generally joyous occasions – even when your team is losing! There’s singing, friendly banter and even lively debates during a typical 90-minute clash. This atmosphere doesn’t have to be contained to the ground either, but can start from the moment you step on a coach to an away game. With the vehicles accommodating up to 57 passengers, there’s always room for a great vibe in the space.


Who doesn’t enjoy a swift pint while watching their team clash with a rival squad? Unfortunately, you don’t quite have the freedom to drink up if you’re faced with driving home. In fact, you’ll probably still need your wits about you if you’re planning on catching a bus or train. Luckily, a coach is a whole different kettle of fish. You’re free to enjoy an alcoholic beverage both before and after the match because you won’t be driving.


It’s not always cheap to follow your favourite football club around the country. In fact, it can be rather pricey! Even when you can spare the cash for your ticket and all the other costs attached, it’s not always the case that your mates will be in the same boat. Thankfully coach hire is the affordable way to travel, making it cheaper for you and your mates to cheer on your team when they’re playing away.

Try it!

Next time your team are playing away, you should give some serious thought to hopping on a coach and watching them play. Just get in touch with ABC Coach Hire to find a vehicle that will accommodate you and your pals.