If you have ever attended a music festival, be it a one day event or multi-day spectacular, you know that getting there and back isn’t always the most straightforward task. That is particularly true when the festival is being staged in a remote location. In this blog, we look at some reasons why coach hire can make the festival experience a whole lot more satisfying.

1. No unlucky driver

It is always good practice to appoint a designated driver when going to a festival, but is it really fair on the person who is chosen or offers their services? They might want to relax and enjoy a drink themselves, and even if they don’t drink alcohol usually, will they be able to appreciate the festival experience as much as their friends in the knowledge that they have to provide a chauffeur service to and from the event? It makes much more sense to find coach or minibus hire – then everyone can relax and enjoy the show on a level playing field.

2. No ‘lost episodes’

Particularly where one day festivals are concerned, every minute matters. And that is why getting lost on your way to a festival can set a bad tone for the day. Coach hire can leave you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a driver who has planned the route and scheduled the service so you arrive at a certain time, taking into account any traffic. So you won’t be missing out on your favourite band after getting hopelessly lost.

3. Safe and secure

After a day’s partying, even a non-drinking designated driver can be worn out and not fully fit to take the wheel. By leaving your festival transport in the hands of the professionals, you won’t have to worry about negotiating the roads when tired, and can even get some shut-eye yourself, safe in the knowledge that you are being driven home in safety. It makes getting back from a festival simpler for everyone.

Those are just three reasons why mini bus or coach hire is ideal for getting to and from a festival.