So your big day is getting ever-closer. You’ve arranged the location, the food, the invites and even the dress. However, everyone knows that it is the guests that add to your day and make it even more special.

Guests (or dare we say it, the band) failing to show up can really put a dampener on things, but hiring a minibus can ease your mind about guests arriving on time for the big event.

Indeed there are many reasons that coach hire can take a weight off your mind when it comes to planning a wedding.

Everyone will arrive on time

For a start, although it may initially seem like a shuttle service isn’t needed, it could make a drastic difference for those with a significant distance to travel. Especially if there is a large number going from the same location.

If a number of family members or friends are coming, you can have peace of mind that they will all make it to the venue, together, and on time. Guests won’t need to make their own way there and you can relax after your big day knowing they all got home safe together. Plus, if you have a smaller venue, it can make a big difference for parking!

It’s cost-effective and reliable

As well as this, hiring a minibus can be cost-effective. With a personal minibus you’ll spend less getting everyone to the location, and if needed, it prevents you from having to book accommodation. With a full wedding to pay for, a minibus can go a long way to make a significant saving in the budget.

While you could argue that public transport or even a hotel shuttle could prove to be just as effective, services such as hotel shuttles tend to run on their own schedule and don’t offer a direct route to your location. Furthermore, the last thing you want is for guests to have to cut their night of celebrations short so they can make it home in time before the last service home. The last thing you want is guests waiting on a service that may not show. By having your own minibus, you can plan the exact route and timing, regardless of distance.

To enquire about hiring a minibus for a wedding, or for any other social occasion, get in touch with our customer service team today.