From cross-country trains to in-country flights, there are many different ways to get what you want to go – even if you’re not keen on getting behind the wheel yourself. But when it comes to the quintessential classic way to vacation, the coach is the first port of call for many holidaymakers, old and young. Here are just a few reasons why coach travel is a must for your next British holiday:

A slower pace of travel

In comparison to many other forms of travel, taking the coach offers a slower pace of travel, and encourages a more relaxed atmosphere. It can be tempting to rush through your holiday or speed on to the next thing, but being forced to slow down is something coach travel does best, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday more. A leisurely pace can sometimes be all you need for a serene and calm holiday, and a coach trip can provide that in spades.

Lost luggage? not on a coach

One of the stresses of travel for holidays is knowing what to do with your luggage – we’ve all heard the horror stories about lost suitcases on flights, as well as disappearing items on trains or other mass transit. With coach travel, your personal belongings are safely stored away in a dedicated space that can’t be accessed while you’re on the road, leaving you worry-free in the knowledge that all your holiday kit is kept secure.

Enjoy the journey

Holidaying in the UK is its own special reward, offering you a different perspective on the country in which you live. Opting for coach travel not only gives you the chance to witness the beautiful scenery and landscape our country has to offer; it also provides you with a driver and company who has expert knowledge of the best places to visit, where to stay and what to do. With a coach trip, you can truly enjoy the journey.

If you’re considering travelling by coach for your next holiday or hiring a coach service sounds like the perfect transport option for an upcoming event or educational trip, ABC Coach Hire has you covered, with coach hire and minibus hire available for your every transport need. Contact us today to book your journey.